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Archives of events


World Arthritis Day in Warsaw

w WarszawieFrom 9 to 18 October World Arthritis Day was celebreted in Warsaw. On Friday 9.10 we met in Institute on Spartanska street. On Sunday 18.10 we travelled by special tramway to station "Rheumatism" in central Warsaw.

stoiska wyklad nagrody

We were in Lublin

High 5ingIn Lublin from 17 to 19 September 2015 there were V National Meetings with Rheumatology. During those days session of associations of rheumatic people was organized as associated event. We participated in 3 Run "Move Improve", where our colleague Monika Kacprzak received special prize for the best nordic walking technics. We High 5ing for World Arthritis Day.

during a lectureafter run Monika with prof. Kucharz and her prize

Governmental decision about Institute of Rheumatology

Institute of Rheumatology On 25 August 2015 Polish government took decision about creation of National Institute of Geriatry, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation from 15 September of current year.

More pieces of information from govermental bodies and media you can find on our facebook website (only in Polish)

Biologicals to pharmacies- appeal


Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" sent an appeal to minister of health for better access to biologicals by patients treated them. Proposal of Federation is to receive biologicals in pharmacy close to residencial place of patient and by this to economize costs of biological treatment.

Doroczna Konferencja EULAR PARE w Dublinie

logo konferencji

The XVIII EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE took place from 24 - 26 April in Dublin. In this conference participated representatives of associations of people with rheumatic diseases from European coutries. Main topic was patient centred care. The next conference will be held in April 2016 Sofia.


Institute of Rheumatology passes into history

The Ministry of Health has prepared the Council of Ministers, that from 1 January 2015. in place of the Institute of Rheumatology establishing an Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation.

Therefore, Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" gave its opinion on this issue to minister of health.

Opinion of Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" (only in Polish)

EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE in Zagreb

logo konferencjiThe XVII EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE took place from 7 - 9 November in Zagreb. In this conference participated representatives of associations of people with rheumatic diseases from European coutries. The next conference will be held in 26 April in Dublin on the topic of patient centred care.

We were in Katowice

session of associationsOn 3-5 September 2014 in Katowice XXII Congress of Polish Society of Rheumatology took place. Session of associations of rheumatic people was an assiociated event na mecie bieguIn programme of this sessionwe could listen to lectures about treatment, psychology, rehabilitation, diet, patient's rights, campanies After session we participated in second run "Move Improve" together with health professionals.

World Day of the Sick with prime-minister

prime-minister on the meeting On the eve of World Day of the Sick on 10th February 2014 it was organized VIII Forum of Leaders of Patients' Organisations with participation of prime-minister and minister of health. In this meeting representatives of Association of People with Rheumatism and Federation "REF" participated.

Ball in kindergarten in Zbaszyn

karnawałAs always in carnival our regional branch WAMO in Zbaszyn organized costume party titled "We preschoolers". Participants of this party were memners of WAMO and invited guests from Poland too.


EULAR PARE Autumn Conference in Iceland

logo IslandiaThe 16th Autumn Conference for PARE was held on 15-17 November 2013 in Reykjavik, hosted by the Icelandic organisation Gigtarfélag. The overarching topic of the Conference will be Healthy Ageing featuring the WAD motto ‘Living Better, Ageing Well’. As usual, the Autumn Conference was full of interesting topics to get possibilities of thinking and talking about issues that affect people in Europe living with RMDs. Next conference will be organized in Zagreb.

"Fashion-able" in Lublin

LublinEuropean project preparing friendly cloths and foodwear for disabled people reachs Lublin. Partners of project OFOONR and Belgian company Bivolino tested on-line configurator checking skirts ordered by Internet for disabled archery team from "START"

Rheumatic diseases in European Parliament

On 17th October in Brussela in European Parliament conference on rheumatic diseases was organized. In this event representatives of EP, European Commission, European presidency, EULAR: scientists, health professionals, representatives od associations of rheumatis people took part. października w Brukseli w Parlamencie Europejskim odbyła się konferencja na temat chorób reumatycznych. W konferencji udział wzięli

World Arthritis Day 2013

WAD 2013On 12th October World Arthritis Day was celebred in Poland. On this occassion meetings, lectures, conferences were organized by associations and their partners. In Institute of Rheumatology there were lectures for people living with rheumatic diseases connected with fair.

IV National Meetings of Rheumatology in Sopot

run w SopocieOn 12 - 14 September 2013 r. next meetings of rheumatology were organized in Sopot. Accompaiing events were session for people with reumatic diseases and session for health professionals. Participant take part in I Run "Move improve".

EULAR Congress in Madrid

EULAR 2013From 12th to 15th June czerwca next Congress of EULAR was organized in Madrid. Among themes of presentations were: crossboarding health services, motherhood with rheumatic diseases, biosymilairs and others. EULAR General Assembly ratified decision on membership in EULAR PARE of Polish Rheuma Federation "REF".

Fashion-able in Brussels

fashion-ableOn 3-4 June partners and officers of European Commission met in Brussels to present results of project "Fashon-able" devoted to production of friedly clothes and shoes for dosalbed people. Occasion to this meeting it was eveluation of project after 1.5 years from begining.

Quality of life in RA - world survey

badanie RZSWe participated in world survey on quality of life in RA. E-survey was active from 25th March to 11th April 2013. We filled 400 questionnaires.more...

Jubilee of 20 years of our Association

logo konferencjiOn 26th January we celebrated 20 anniversary of registration of our Association. Our guests of this celebration were Director o Institute of Rheumatology E. Gryszpanowicz, prof. S. Luft - Editorial Board of magazine "Golden Remedy", dr B. Moskalewicz - representative of Poland in Standing Committee for EULAR PARE, B. Zechowski - husband patron and our colleagues from associations of rheumatic people and our regional branches.
Go to forum and see pictures from celebration of 20th anniversary of Association!


EULAR PARE Autumn Conference in Zurich

logo of conferenceFrom 1st to 4th November Autumn Conference was organized in Zurich. It was 15th edition of this event. Representatives of patients' organizations participated in lectures and workshops and visited offices of EULAR and of Suisse League.

Meetings in Brussels

logo of European daysOn 16th and 17th in Brussels representatives of associations met on occasion of European Days of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases: one conference was organized together by EULAR and EFORT, another was a meeting of "Fit for Work" project with one session in European parliament.

World Arthritis Day 2012

World Arthritis DayOn 12th October we celebrated World Arthitis Day. In Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw it was organized special event for patients: lectures, meetings with experts, offer of associations, presentation of every day tools for rheumatic people.

More of WAD celebration in Poland on website of "REF" (only in Polish)

Autumn picnic in Warsaw

piknik w ogrodzie saskimOn the last Sunday of September we participated in picnic in Saxon garden in Warsaw. On our stand we presented our editions and proposed survey with prizes.

Health education in Zbaszyn

stayDuring 9 days last weekend of September and first week of October) rheumatic people with BMI >=30 participated in special stay. They learn on lectures and workshops about healthy eating, physical activities (nordic walking, zumba, home gym)

Congress EULAR 2012 in Belin

Berlin 2012 Like every year scientifists, phycisians, health professionals and representatives of people with rheumatic diseases met on EULAR Congress. This year from 6 to 9 June in Berlin. In the program of EULAR PARE there were 2 Polish presentations: one poster on physical activities of Warsaw's inhabitants and one oral on relations between time to diagnosis of RA and quality of life.

Forum in Bialystok

logo Forum Świadomego pacjenta Bialystok From 1 to 3 June Forum of Aware Patient was organized in Bialystok. Leaders of organizations of people with rheumatism were participated in this meeting. Not only interesting lectures were part of Forum. Participants visit Bialystok and Museum of Icons in Suprasl.

1st June at front of Health Ministery

On occassion of Children Day members of "Agreement of 1st June" organized happening at front of Health Ministery like reminder of difficult situation of patients living with long-term conditions. Minister of Health met wirh representatives of this citizens' initiative. More on http://1

May picnic in Wola district

boothpicnic train How every spring in Wola district in Warsaw picnic promoting health was organized. On our booth everybody who has filled a questionnaire about diet could win latex band for training. We painted wagon in "picnic train".

Outgoing "School of life"

Greetings from seasideIn the last week of April our branch WAMO in Zbaszyn organized "School of life with rheumatism" in sea resort. In the program there were lectures, physical exercises, relax. Earlier lessons of "School" were in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin.

Petition in hands of Health Minister

petition given to Health MinisterOn 15th March 2012 during a meeting of experts' working group "Dialogue for Health" organized by organizations of people living with long-term conditions: rheumatic, oncological, diabetic, orphan diseases petition to give appropriate priorities in treatment of inflammatory arthritis with 8591 signatures was given to Health Minister.

Ceremony at City Hall in Nowy Tomysl

31th January at City Hall in Nowy Tomysl there were presented diplomas of new honorary members of our Association for persons especially deserved in activities for people with rheumatic diseases.

Carnival in WAMO

balAs always in carnival our regional branch WAMO in Zbaszyn organized costume party titled "Gipsy night". In this ball everybody could participated who had element of gipsy costume. Participants enjoyed good music and good company. Next costume party like this in January 2013.

Naming ceremony

presentationfamilyOn 14th January 2012 in Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw there was naming ceremony. Our association took a name of Hanka Zechowska - co-organizer and animator of reumatic people's movement in Poland. Former and present members of association and members of Hanka's family participated in this event. On the end of ceremony there were presented diplomas of new honorary members.


Petition to the Minister of Health

Lists with signatures under petition to the Minister of Health to give appropriate priorities in treatment of inflammatory arthritis are sent to Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" from all regions of Poland. For today we collected 8 thousand of signatures. Petition will reach new minister on the begining of her/his cadency.

World Arthritis Day 2011

12th October we celebrated like always World Arthritis Day. In Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw it was orginized fair and lectures for people living wirh rheumatic diseases. Event was under patronage of First Lady. Celebrations were accompanied by an exhibition EULAR PARE "Working Wonders".

WAD in Institutestand of association children animationstand with rehabilitation tools

60th anniversary of Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw

posterexhibitionOn 4 - 5 October in Warsaw jubilee of Institute of Rheumatology was celerated under patronage of President Bronislaw Komorowski. During celebration scientific conference: New Technologies - Progress in Rheumatic Diseases was organized. European exhibition EULAR PARE "Working Wonders", presented activities of rheumatic people, was opened.

International Day of Older People in Saxon Garden

piknik w Ogrodzie Saskim On 2nd October in Saxon Garden in Warsaw on occasion of International Day of Older People "Fair of creativity" was organized. On the stand of our Association everybody could win tool to physical exercises and receive invitation on World Arthritis Day in Institute of Rheumatology.

International Autumn of Rheumatic People

logo of forum of aware patient autumn of rheumatic people On 9th - 11th September it was organized in Zbaszyn International Autumn of Rheumatic People connected with Forum of Aware Patient. Representatives of associations from Poland and Latvia and local authorities participated in this meeting. Operetta from Poznan presented her programme on the end of meeting. All was organized with kindly support of sponsors.

"Fit for Work" in Poland

logo fit for work logo forum ekonomicznego w Krynice During XXI Economic Forum in Krynica Polish edition of European project "Fit for Work" started. Aim of this project is present fitness for work of people with rheumatic diseases. Lech Wałęsa, former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize Winner is an ambassador for the Fit for Work initiative.

Excursion in Latvia

On 24 June - 1 July representatives of our Association were in Latvia on invitation of Latvian association of rheumatic people. During an excursion they visited Vilnius, Siaulai, Riga, Sigulda, Cesis, Jelgava, Rundale, Skaistkalne, Kaunas. In Lithuania and Latvia they met with representatives of fraternal associations. Łotwa

Spotkanie w Mikołajkach

mikołajkiOn 11-13 June we participated in XXI Congress of Polish Society of Rheumatology. Presentation of representative of Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" was opening lecture of this event. Day before next meeting in the cycle of Forum of Aware Patient took place. We could learn on theory of media and role of dietery in rheumatic diseases. We were inform about data from report on state of rheumatology in Poland.

"To Wola district for a health"

piknik na WoliIn Warsaw in Wola district on 5th June how every year we participated in picnic promoting health. On our stand we organized lottery with gifts for everybody who had filled a questionnaire on physical activity - topic of World Arthritis Day 2011 - 2012.

30th Conference of Conference coordinators and managers of rheumatological clinics

logo IROn 2nd - 3rd June in Warsaw 30th Conference of Conference coordinators and managers of rheumatological clinics was organized. Topics of this conference were recommendations of treatment of rheumatic siseases in 2012. Sessions held in Health Ministery and in Institute of Rheumatology.

EULAR Congress in London

EULAR 2011On 25th - 28th May in London EULAR Congress was organized. In programme of EULAR PARE 3 Polish presentations were shown: 1 oral about sexuality of rheumatic people from 2 perspectives of ill person and her partner and 2 posters; about balneotherapy and costs of RA.

Next press conference organized by Polish Rheuma Federation "REF"

On 24th February 2011 Federation "REF" organized next press conference in Polish Press Agency. Representatives of people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases and rheumatologists presented their opinions about biological therapies and about the policies of the Health Ministry connected with this treatment.

Press conference organized by Polish Rheuma Federation "REF"

On 4th January 2011 Federation "REF" organized press conference in Polish Press Agency. Representatives of people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases presented their concern about the policies of the Health Ministry connected with biological therapies.


Autumn Conference of EULAR PARE in Berlin

logo konferencjiOn 5th - 7th November in Berlin it was organized every year conference of representatives of organization of people with rheumatic diseases.Main topics of this year were work and rehabilitation of rheumatic people. Deutsche Reuma-Liga was host organization of this conference.

Conference in Brussels

BrusselsOn 19th-20th October EU belgian presidency conference on rheumatic diseases took place. Participants of this conference were experts from academia, representatives of EU bodies, member states' goverments, associations of health professionals ana organizations of rheumatic people. Recommendations on rheumatic diseases were efect of this conference. Conference recommendations culminated in the call for an EU Musculoskeletal Disease Strategy and national action plans.

World Arthritis Day among politicians

kubekOn 12th October on occasion of World Arthritis Day politicians received cups with adnotation: "Do you know that 400 thousands people living with RA will not drink tea from this cup" and with postulats from rheumatic people. It was the next stage of action "Voice for RA" started last year.

Forum of Aware Patient

On 9th October next meeting from project "Forum of Aware Patient" was organized. Partners of this proects are: Polish Rheuma Federation "REF", Association "3majmy się razem" and Roche.

Autumn picnics


Wola On 26th September and 3rd October 2010 in Warsaw picnics promoting health and activities were organized.Association of People with Rheumatism and their Friends opened it's stand, where participants had an occasion to meet rheumatologist and to our offer for rheumatic people.

II National Meetings of Rheumatology

On 16th-18th September in Sopot II National Meetings of Rheumatology took place. During this conference session for health professionals with participation of representatives of associations of rheumatic people. Terapeutical team in rheumatic diseases is a topic of this session. It was an event connected with World Arthritis Day 2010 and its theme: Let's work together.

II Polish Spring of Rheumatic People

koszFrom 25th to 27th June 2010 II Polish Spring of Rheumatic People was celebrated in Zbaszyn. Regional Branch WAMO in Zbaszyn was organizer of this event. Participants of this meeting were representatives of self-help groups from Warsaw, Wroclaw, Kielce, Czestochowa, Leszno, Szczecin, Lublin, Sopot, Bydgoszcz i Bialystok.

10 years of Association "Endoproteza"

10 years of AssociationOn 12th June Association of Mutual Aid "Endoproteza" in Sopot celebrated 10 years of activities. On this anniversary organization hold a ceremonial diner with participation of invited guests. We were among them.

May picnics

standOn 22nd May in Sowinski park in Warsaw picnic "To Wola district for a health" with our participation was organized. On our stand we presented our booklets and magazine and we gave information about our activities. On 30th May we participated on Old Town in project "Town of Charities"

Workshop for leaders

stoiskoOn 21st - 23rd May in Warsaw workshop for leaders of self-help groups in rheumatic diseases was organized. Participants presented activities of their organizations, they discused strategy of activities for futur years, they met with physiotherapist and with rheumatologist. Workshop was a part of campain "World in hands" and it was organized with financial support of Sanofi-Aventis

The newest treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Warsaw regional branch of Association invited rheumatic people for a meeting in Intitute of Rheumatology on 24th April 2010. In programme of meeting: lectures on the newest treatment of RA and on patient's rights, snacks and educational materials. Similar meetings were organized by regional branches in Bydgoszcz and Zbaszyn. Organization was supported from unlimited grant of Roche. Thank you!

AAA in Brussels

Alliance Against RheumatismOn 1st March how every year 7th meeting of Alliance Against Arthritis was organized. In this event scientifists and representatives of organizations of people with reumatism were participate. 7th Framework Programme and projects in field of reumatology realized from this programme were a main subject of this meeting.


Course for family doctors

Department of Health Promotion and Epidemiology of Rheumatic Diseases of Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw, Department of Family Medecine of Medical University of Warsaw and National Management Board of Association of People with Rheumatism and their Friends organized next course in practical rheumatology for family doctors on 3rd and 4th December 2009.

This course was organized with financial support of (in alphabetical order):
Biofarm Grunenthal ICN Polfa Rzeszów Jelfa
Medagro Molteni Rottapharm Woerwag

Thank you!

Action in Parliament

voting in the matter of RAaction in ParliamentOn 20th November associations representing people living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) organized educational action in Parliament. Aim of action was presentation of social problem of RA. Action was supported kindly by Roche.

Workshop on the Zegrze Lake

nordic walkingparticipants of workshopOn 23rd - 25th October our Association organized workshop like a part of campain "World in hands" on the Zegrze Lake. Participants of this workshop were representatives of Association from all Poland. Living with RA was a main subject of workshop. Rheumatologists, doctor of rehabilitation, psychologist and physiotherapist gave classes. Participants exercised with tapes and they practiced nordic walking. Workshop was organized thanks to the kind support of Sanofi-Aventis.

Family picnics in Warsaw

Wola picnicpicnic in Saxon GardenOn last weekend od September and first in October we participated in family picnic in Wola district and in Saxon garden in Warsaw. Participants had an occasion to know our proposals and to contact rheumatologist on our stand.

Registration of Federation

On 29th July 2009 Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" was registred in National Register Court.

We would like to inform you that the decision on the union of association was taken 25th March 2000. To the end of 2008 Polish Rheuma Federation "REF" was not registred platform of co-operation of associations of people with rheumatism. New political situation caused the necessity of registration in National Register Court.
logo ref

World in hands

As part of the campaign "World in hands" in 5 cities in Poland workshops for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were organized. Associations: of People with Rheumatism and their Friends, "SOMA" from Dabrowa Gornicza and "Milenium" from Opole were co-organizers of these workshops

logo 'World in hands'

more on website

World Arthritis Day'2009

On 12th October like always we celebrated World Arthritis Day - this year under theme: "Let's work together". All activities were centered aroud work.


more on

To move world

Educational and informational program "To move world" started. This program is dispatched to health professionals, people with RA and their relatives.

logo 'to move world'

more on


Forum of Aware Patient

Participants of meetingForum of Aware Patient was open on 13th December 2008. Representatives from association of rheumatic people of entire Poland participated in this event:

Next meeting of Forum was on 28th March 2009.

Partners of campaign:Stowarzyszenie Reumatyków i ich Sympatyków, 3majmy się razem, Roche

Workshop in Sopot

warsztaty w sopocieEvery 3 months representatives of associations of people with rheumatic diseases meet on workshop. Aim of this meetings is to increase knowledge and abilities of leaders of associations. Exceptional workshop was organized in Sopot on 21th - 23th November 2008. Delegates participated in training of nordic walking. Workshops are organized with supprt of Wyeth.

World Arthritis Day'2008

artist Aleksandra Chaberek with campaign logo during a work created work

participants of happeningOn occassion of WAD on 9th October 2008 as part of the campaign "Catch every day" press conference and artistical happaning were organized. During this event people with rheumatoid arthritis created work symbolizing their everyday life with RA

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