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About rheumatism


1. Open yourself to life and people

2. Fall in love with yourself

3. Think positively

4. Avoid boredom

5. Have moderation in your work

6. Relax often

7. Breathe deeply

8. Don't wrap up to warm

9. Diet awareness

10. Keep moving despite of pain

For good day and good night

Autotherapy is easy method supporting medical therapy. You can use it in every time during a day. In the morning it helps you to have more energy for every day activities, before sleeping you feel more relaxed.

There are only 7 positions of putting your hands on your body. You can exercise it standing or seeting how you prefer. The most important is to remember that left hand change her place first and after it - your right hand. You need good and silent place to do it. You exercise slowly - one position 30 seconds - follow presented pictures:

position number 1 Position No 1

position number 2 Position No 2

position number 3 Position No 3

position number 4 Position No 4

position number 5 Position No 5

position number 6 Position No 6

position number 7 Position No 7

After few weeks with everyday exercises you feel relaxed and full of energy after 2 - 3 positions.

After Hanka ┼╗echowska "Autoterapia" in Golden Remedy No5, p. 16

Little Helpbook for Rheumatic Person

About rheumatic diseases

"Rheumatism" is not only one disease. Under this word there are many different rheumatic diseases and complains. Between them:

punktor imflamatory diseases like: rheumatoid arthritis (RA), ankylosis spondylitis (AS), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), juvenile idiopatic arthritis (JIA), lupus,
punktor osteoarthritis,
punktor other rheumatic diseases including rare diseases,

Rheumatic diseases are chronic and progresive. Person with this disease needs apropriate treatment like pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy. Support of help-self groups and contact with social worker are very useful.

In situation when other treatment doesn't give good results surgical operation can be needed. The main goal of treatment to help people with reumatism to stay her/his independent as soon as possible. All treatment must be under medical control.

People with rheumatic diseases must be very careful taking different drugs and diet supplements. Changement of dose, taking other drugs without consultation with physician can be danger.

What do you need to know about biologicals?

Biologicals are the newest therapy used in cure of inflamatory rheumatic diseases (JIA, RA, AS, PsA). There are DMARDs like for example metotrexat.

"Biologicals" doesn't mean "naturals". During production of these drugs biotechnology is used. Protein is curable substansion in these drugs. In contact with body cells stops inflamatory process. Experiences with biologicals start from late 1990's and they are not known well all side effects of this therapy.

You can receive biological like injection or into a vein from an intravenous drip. It's foreign substantion and it can provoke an allergy in every stage of curation.

Majority of patients take biological together with methotrexat always under medical control.

Before decision about treatment doctor must be sure that patient has not got cancer or tuberculosis.

Patient must be aware that she/he can not plan new baby during this therapy and 6 months after. It's can be danger for a child.

Biological treatment has great influence on body cells level and it's very expensive. On these reasons it is used like medical intervention only in agressive process of disease.

You must remember, that you can not be treated with biological if:

1) you have got other rheumatic disease like osteoarthritis,

2) your inflamatory disease is stopped by traditional therapy,

3) you have got cancer or tuberculosis earlier,

4) patient is pregnant or mother brest feeding or new baby is planned in short time.

Do miraculous medications against rheumatism exist?

Rheumatic diseases are not curable for today. If researchers find medication against rheumatism they will be Nobel Prize winners. Today in press we can find annonces about sales of miraculous medications - only one call or e-mail and medication will be yours. Before decision you should remember about consumer's rights and read opinions other users about annonced product.

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